Training post-Bac (post high school/college) level

Length of the course: 9 months

Status: Vocational training.

Period to be spent in a professional environment: Minimum of 70 hours a year.

Conditions for admission: Based on past achievements and an admission interview. Admission requirements: applicants must hold a qualification equivalent to the Bac (A-levels, High school diploma) preferably in the fields of hairdressing, beauty or art.


A make-up artist wig maker and hair stylist designs and creates make-up, hair styles and wigs for artistic production (theatre, cinema, television...) and for the fashion industry (model agencies, haute couture fashion shows...). But in a time when image and aesthetics are important in society, the beauty industry -medical, beauty salon, bridal industry...) also offer a range of opportunities.

Work is varied and diverse, from applying make-up to creating characters as well as conserving wigs and hairpieces.  As both a technician able to work to precise instructions for a specific look and to create different human states, they also have a great artistic talent, able to create a shape or completely change or beautify a face.

A make-up artist wig maker and hair stylist works in close collaboration and coordination with those in other fields in the culture and media industry. 

They analyse the needs of the project and decide on the necessary resources for the creation of their designs.  After understanding the clients’ brief or analysing the prototypes of the decorator, stage designer or costume designer, the make-up artist wig maker and hair stylist carries out detailed research. Studying texts, artistic or historic photos and also taking into consideration the costumes, jewellery or accessories they will have to work with, they can then come up with a design, in line with the brief and respecting the budget.

In the field of personal beauty, the make-up artist wig maker and hair stylist has to take into consideration the aesthetic or medical constraints. They work independently and are responsible for the organisation of the different steps of the process and must manage stocks, the budget and maybe even organise and manage a team of people.

A make-up artist wig maker and hair stylist is trained to carry out three specific tasks:  - analysis of the brief, design and propose a creation which adheres to the client’s needs and respects the hygiene rules and suitability imposed by the context.  - Advise and assist the client in choosing colours, textures and techniques for the project.  - Create prosthetics and/or special effects, wigs and hairpieces and able to manufacture, tailor, fit and conserve whilst also respecting hygiene and safety guidelines.


Jobs are found in artistic fields (theatre, opera, circus...) in the fashion and advertising industry (haute couture fashion shows, model agencies, PR agencies, photography studios...) in audio-visual production (cinema, television) and in the beauty industry (hair salons, beauty salons, bridal, medical...) 


The 1 year course in 4 modules

More than 850 hours of training including teaching hours, professional work experience and individual projects.

Module 1 : Wig and hairpiece maker 

Makes wigs, beards, moustaches, volumizers, chignons.

Works with hair and other materials.

Long forgotten in France, this artistic craft has become a noble profession again.  This job is still rare in France and hopefully in years to come, this craft will develop and with its opportunities for jobs in theatre and entertainment, the medical sector and the beauty sector.


Module 2 : Artistic and historical hair styling

In the Atelier du Griffon training, hair styling and make-up are taught together as they go hand in hand.  Artistic hairstyling, or hair styling for fashion shoots and shows often use the same techniques as historical hairstyles.  Historical hair styles are at the heart of artistic hair styling: the procedures for creating these spectacular hairstyles are often the same, made by creating structures, using different objects, adding hairpieces etc. All historical and artistic hair styles are created like this for the theatre or the cinema on models or wigs.


Module 3 : Make-up

This module aims to teach advanced make-up artistry techniques in the following areas: 

Natural beauty, evening, bridal, etc.

fashion, fashion shows.

Theatre, opera.

Cinema, television high definition.



Artistic: body and face painting.

Historical: from ancient history to now.


Module 4 : Special Effects

By training in special effects, the students at the Atelier become experts in the art of metamorphosis.  Aging, injuries, scars, cut fingers, bruises, false foreheads, transforming men/women... Making made to measure prosthetics and casting face shapes are included in the special effects programme.  This training is taught by professionals specialising in special effects who will share their innovative techniques and the special products and materials they personally use.