Specialisation workshops

Once the applicants are enrolled, they have the possibility of perfecting their skills in a certain field or a range of fields of their choice, at an addition al cost.  This allows them to perfect their skills in their chosen field in addition to the initial training.  These workshops are also offered to those who are not already enrolled at the school.  Will run on the condition that there are a minimum number of participants signed up, they are aimed at those with a Bac-level qualification and who already have vocational and artistic experience.

The workshops are held during holidays and are run by professionals.


Taster workshop/3 days

(reserved for future candidates who wish to try the Atelier du Griffonand its longer course).

- Special Effects.

- Hair styling and wigs

- Make-up


Special Effects Workshop/10 days

- Creating false injuries and bruises. 

- Making and fitting a false skull. 

- Demonstration of techniques for making prosthetics.

- Making and applying a prosthetic nose sculpture, tightening, flocage, make-up...

- Techniques for airbrush application of make-up. 

- Practice of make-up for an aging look, illness and tiredness.

- Transforming a woman into a man.


Make-up workshop (reserved for students who are not already enrolled on a course)


The basics of make-up/5 days

- Basics of applying make-up: complexion, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips.

- Evening make-up.

Make-up expert/4 days

- Fashion show and Photo shoot

- Mature skin

- Theatre and entertainment (stage, theatre etc...)

- Fashion (like Galliano etc...)

World make-up/ 5 days

Make-up adapted to different types of skin:

- Asian skin.

- Black skin.

- East Asian skin.

- Hindu skin

- Lebanese skin


Make-up “this season’s trends”/ 2 days

- Contouring.

- Strobing / Gleaming.

- Focus make-up of the current season or the next season.


Self-make-up application/1 day

Learn make-up techniques to try on yourself and depending in your face shape.


Wig making and hair styling workshop (reserved for students who are not already enrolled on a course)

Historical hair styling/5 days

-Demonstration and practice of putting hair up and creating historical hair styles with wigs and life models. 

-  Main techniques for preparing hair before fitting a wig.

- Fitting wigs and hairpieces.

Demonstration and practice of creating wet-look waves and hair styles with wavy hair.


Artistic hair styling/5 days

- Hair sculptures.

- Hair styles using different objects.

- Practice with a set project.

- A complete personal project


Wigs/ 10 days

- Theoretical basics and materials used.

- Study of hair quality: origin and use.

- Different techniques for making wigs and hairpieces.

- Different types of caps. 

- The work of the wig maker. 

- Different techniques for making wigs and hairpieces.

- Taking measurements and casts.

- Making a tailor made tulle cap for the cinema.

- Planting strands and weaving.

- Making hairpieces: beards, moustaches...

- Looking after and fitting wigs and hairpieces.

- The method for working on hair styles with historical wigs and/or hairpieces. 


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